Phuket Lifestyle

Why Move to Phuket in 2021?

There are few places in the world as beautiful as Phuket in Thailand. There are beautiful sandy beaches, restaurants and many fun things to do. If you have always wanted to live on an island, you can buy Phuket Condo. It is also an excellent place for retirees looking to enjoy the break from work.

Here are the essential things you should know about living in Phuket.

Friendly People

Living in Phuket Condo beaches will allow you to interact with people who are friendly, polite and gentle. They are helpful, and you can be sure that if you need help, you will receive it with a smile.

The Rules of Living in Phuket

Several rules guide living in Thailand

  • You can get a tourist or non-migrant visa via the Thai Embassy for a 90-day stay. That can be extended through Thai Immigration. You can apply for a one year visa for business, marriage, retirement or education purposes.
  • The Thai Royal family is held in very high regard, and it is illegal to disrespect them in any way. The lese majeste law passed in 1908 states that it is illegal for any person to insult, defame, defile or threaten any image of the royal family. This law also covers defacing Thai money, and you should not step on their money, and that could result in jail time.
  • It is illegal to leave your house without underwear, to drive a car shirtless and throwing chewing gum on the ground is a punishable offence. According to law, there are no private beaches, and individuals cannot own beaches.
  • The legal drinking age in Thailand is 20 years, and bar owners enforce this law as they are regularly raided by policemen looking for underage drinkers. You should not bring alcoholic beverages to temples, public offices,